I am usually a positive person.

I usually take things in stride.

I usually have a “que sera sera” perspective.

Not yesterday.

Yesterday I was frustrated.

Yesterday I was mad.

Yesterday I was irritated.

Issues for my Dad’s trust are messed up.

I thought they were corrected, but they are not.

I thought things were resolved, but they are not.

I thought I could rely on someone to do the job, I could not.

Today is a new day.

I will plan a way to get this resolved.

I will go back to my positive outlook.

I will get through this.


#SOL18 Lunches

My morning routine is like this….

A cat nudges me awake, even though he was already fed by my husband.

I stumble out of bed, pour a cup of coffee.

The coffee is usually too piping hot, so I start making lunches.

I grab the bread, cheese, lunch meat, etc and start assembling my husbands sandwiches.

Still no coffee in my system, but my muscle memory takes over as I make my own salad for lunch.

Now, coffee is just right, I stand in the kitchen to savor a few sips before I scour the kitchen to find something my picky eater will find palatable.

I need caffeine to imagine what her preteen mind might not object to eating at lunch time.

(“Salami, I hate Salami!” She has eaten it 2 times a week since kindergarten.)

Sunday I had her tell me what she would eat for lunch each day this week- Tuesday’s request: pretzels and cream cheese.


How many lunches to pack until the end of the school year?

#SOL18 April 24th, 2018

VIP Treatment

Last week my youngest won an essay contest for A Beautiful Me, an organization that promotes confidence, inner strength and positivity for girls.  They offer an afterschool program that teaches girls to embrace their individuality, yet share their strength.

As the essay contest winner, she won tickets to see Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (I know right, every 11 year olds dream concert!).  Her father was elated- we got to meet a Motown Legend!  We had VIP seats, attended an exclusive Meet and Greet, and Jaelyn even got to go on stage with Martha to read her essay to the crowd, and to dance with her to “Dancing in the Streets”.

Everyone we met was impressed with Jaelyn’s essay and they all made her feel extremely special- especially Martha Reeves!

Impromptu Social Experiment

Last Saturday, while driving on a muddy, dirt road we slid into a ditch. That is the bad news.

While my husband attempted to rock us out, I called a tow service. There was no way that minivan was going to get out of a muddy ditch on its own. While we waited, we saw a few cars pass by.

This was in a rural area, so not much traffic. If it was a cold, snowy or rainy day, it would have been miserable. Luckily, it was a relatively nice afternoon, so we walked the dirt road while we waited. (Sitting crooked in the passengers seat was not comfortable.)

The first car came by and asked if we needed help. I told them we are okay, the tow truck was on its way. Then the next car drove by about 5 minutes later. They didn’t even engage in any eye contact.

Next car, they stopped to check on is, as did the next. Then a couple more cars just drove by. My husband suggested that we keep track of how many people would offer to help or check on us. In the 65 minute wait for the tow service- 11 of the 22 cars stopped to make sure we were okay.

I was pleasantly surprised, my husband was not as impressed. My daughter thought watching the tow truck driver work was super cool. Glad we were able to give her that life experience. (Along with Dad should listen to Mom- but that’s another Slice)

Moving Back Home Take 1

Moving Day 1

Today we drove 2 hours in the misty, rainy, foggy weather to start to move our daughter home from the University of Toledo.  She still has a month of school, but she has accumulated quite a bit of “stuff” while as school.  Her Grammy has helped for sure.

Grammy lives less than an hour from campus, so she likes to bring my daughter things she might need.  Gotta love grandmas!

Since we are staying home for spring break, we figured, why not go to Toledo?  Bring a load back, have lunch, see the house she is renting for next year, and hang out a bit.

All in all it was a nice day.  In less than 4 weeks, we will have her back home full time.  That will only last a couple months before she heads back down to school.

Go Rockets! img_1314-3


#SOLSC18 March 31st, 2018

Last Day of March

Well, I made it!  My third year of participating the March Slice of Life Story Challenge, but more importantly, the third year in a row I posted for 31 days in a row.  I feel very proud of myself for meeting this challenge.

The SOLSC is a way for me to commit to writing, respond to fellow writers, and to learn together.  I have learned a variety of styles, formats, sources of inspiration, and about the lives fellow Slicers.

Speaking of fellow Slicers, thank you!  Thank you for taking the time to comment or stop by my blog.  You comments kept me writing all month long.  This community of writers is awesome.  Reading fellow Slicers posts and hearing back is a rewarding experience.

A ginormous THANK YOU to for organizing, posting and pushing me through the month.  Your words of advice, tips and nudges are appreciated more than you will ever know.  That devoted group of people who post at the wee hours in the morning is an amazing team.

I look forward to Tuesday’s SOL and the blogs from TWT that will continue to inspire me to push myself and nurture my students.

#SOLSC18 March 30th, 2018

Giving Blood

Today my husband and I gave the gift of life, we donated blood.  If you have never donated before, if you can, I strongly encourage you to do so.

I used to give blood maybe once every few years.  It took time, and I didn’t realize the importance of donating blood.  I assumed there would always be an ample supply.  I found out when my dad had open heart surgery how valuable and needed blood donations are.  My dad needed over 9 pints of blood in 3 days to stay alive.  If it wasn’t for the gift of blood from donors, he would not have been able to hang on as long as he did.  He would have bled out.  He was a planned surgery, so the hospital was “prepared” for it, but what about those that are in a car crash, other tragic accident or catastrophe?

Now I donate more often, at least 3-4 times a year.  I am O-, the universal donor, so the Red Cross calls me every 56 Days to remind me.  Sometimes I can’t donate; my blood pressure is too high, or my pulse too low, but at least I try.  I hope my blood can give someone else’s loved one a fighting chance. Today I was able to donate.  I am thankful for being healthy and able to give this gift of life.