Day 30, March 30, 2020

A New Way of Learning

My daughter is in her “Algebra” class right now. She is cozied up to her computer with her iPod Touch in one hand the computer mouse in the other. She is FaceTiming her study group. I’ll admit, she struggles a bit with math, but she is determined to figure it out.

I can only hear her side of the conversation, but if she doesn’t understand why she isn’t getting the same answer, she asks someone to explain it to her, while she could just write down their answers. She really wants to understand the why and how to solve the equations.

In between the giggles, snarls, ugh, and ‘but whys’, I can tell these girls miss each other. But they are making it work and will be closer because of it. Plus (and more importantly) I won’t have to do Algebra today!

Day 29: March 29, 2020

Windy Weather

The wind bought a bit of normalcy today. It brought warmer weather, bright skies and Mother Nature calling to us to take a long walk.

We had to force our now teenager out from the refuge of her bedroom to take a walk with us. We have been under a “shelter in place” order, but could leave home to exercise. We took advantage of this escape from the house and went to the trails.

A few years ago, our county renovated the railroad tracks that ran thru- a Rails to Trails movement that we have no fully taken advantage of. We did today! While we only escaped for less than 45 minutes… the wind and teenage whining got the better of us… we enjoyed the trail.

Day 28: March 28th, 2020

Screen Time Challenge

All this screen time has given my youngest a headache… literally! We have been social distancing, in fact she hasn’t even left the house since March 14th! She is our introvert, so she loves being able to lounge around all day in her pjs and play on the computer or FaceTime friends.

So today we are challenging ourselves to limit our screen time to 45 minutes. Why 45 minutes? I have a 30 minutes Zoom meeting plus my time to write and respond to this challenge. If I’m going to ask her to go screenless, I feel I need to do the same! My husband will try…

Phones will be used for their original purpose, phone calls only, the tv can be used for family viewing, but all other screens will be set aside until tomorrow.

Wish me luck! Stay well everyone!

Day 27: March 27, 2020

It’s the Little Things

Like your husband buying a 12 pack of toilet paper!

Like your daughter actually eating a new food- even if it is beer battered fish.

Like the sun streaming in the window after a mostly cloudy day.

Like your son helping around the house without being asked (that one is on the maybe someday list).

Like bitting into a fresh strawberry and being okay with licking the juice from your fingers.

Like taking the time to do a 2,000 piece puzzle.

Like finding the joy in your life.

Happy Friday!

Day 26: March 26, 2020

Dog Rescue

This afternoon, my dog, Bella, was barking a bit more neurotic than usual. When I looked outside, I noticed the black lab, also named Bella, sniffing her way along our fence line.

Black lab Bella lives about 6 houses down. I called “Bella” and both dogs looked my way. That was a humorous moment. I grabbed an extra leash, slipped into my shoes and went to get her.

Of course, by the time my son and I got outside, she was nowhere to be seen. Do we just let it go? Do we look for her? Does the neighbor even know she got out? We decided to walk down to their house.

Sure enough, the gate was wide open. It appeared that Black lab Bella had indeed left the security of her own backyard. Any other day, I would not have thought twice about knocking on the door, but with this social distancing…I hesitated.

I shook the uncomfortable feeling away, knocked on the door, then stepped back. He did not know Bella had wondered off. My son and I continued to look for her, their son set off on his bike, while my neighbor got in his car.

Black lab Bella made her way back to our house. My son walked up to her and guided her through the houses just as my neighbor drove up. She jumped in the minivan like this was no big deal. If she only knew how worried her humans were!

All in all, it was a successful rescue and a tiny escape from our own four walls.

Day 25: March 25, 2020

Scrit, scrit, scratch, …..scrit, scrit, scratch….

Okay, that was for real this time. I am not imagining it. It is not the tree scrapping against the shed. It is not the dog walking on the pavers. So what is it.

I cautiously opened the shed door….. something ran across the top beam. My eyes scanned the small wooden room.

Well, there was evidence of some critter living it up in here all winter long. Last year it was a bat family. No evidence of bats, but the chewed up top of the bird seed gave me a new clue. Was is a chipmunk family? Maybe squirrels? A bird would not have been able to make those holes.

Scrit, scrit, scratch… I looked up, it ran down! It ran down the wall and out a hole in the shed siding. It zoomed past my bewildered pup.

Hello Mr. Squirrel! Happy Spring!