Family Vacations

Family vacations are….

A time to make memories.

A time to try new things.

A time to reconnect.

A time to be silly.

A time to explore.

A time to relax.

A time to enjoy one another.

A time to be adventurous.

Family vacations are…

A time to to be grateful for one another.


Forest Bathing

Last week my mom took me to a destination spa resort for five fabulous days! We were pampered, spoiled, and had carefree days to relax and reconnect to each other and to ourselves.

The resort offered a variety of classes; everything from drawing, to chakra, to forest bathing. It was enlightening and invigorating!

My favorite was Forest Bathing. It is a practice that started in Japan in the 1980s.

This is the healing way of Shinrin-yoku Forest Therapy, the medicine of simply being in the forest. Shinrin-yoku is a term that means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing.” It was developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine.

The guide escorted us through the forest on a mindful walk with invitations to share what we were experiencing. Such a relatively simple way to relax and appreciate the little things in life.

Summertime Happiness

Summertime happiness is…

-sandy feet leaving a trail thru the cottage

-children’s laughter after dark just beyond the bonfire

-finishing a good book even though you don’t want it to end

-gooey s’mores slowly oozing down your hand

-a star filled sky next to the pounding waves of Lake Huron

Summertime happiness.

Summer Bucket List

This is day 2 of summer vacation, and every year I think about creating a summer bucket list. Well, this year I am going to write down five things I want to do this summer:

Read for pleasure! So often I read to learn (which I love) but this summer I am planning to read 2 Catherine Coulter FBI thrillers and 3 Debbie McCombers just because.

Take a trip with my mom. I am the oldest of four, and don’t really get to spend one on one time with my mom. She has planned a resort spa trip for the two of us. I am looking forward to reconnecting with her.

Tick Four More States Off My List: One item on my life bucket list is to go to as many of the states in this great country that I can get to. So far I have traveled to 28. Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas are on the agenda for our summer road trip.

Replace the Bedroom Flooring: We built our house 22 years ago, as the years pass, we have made improvements and updates. The bedroom carpet is one of the last things to switch out before we rotate thru the house again! (Don’t worry, it isn’t the original carpet).

Clean Out the Basement: The basement is great for storing all those fun craft leftovers, the kids toys that they no longer play with- but hold special memories, and random stuff. My husband and I have made a pact to clean it out.

Not the most exciting summer bucket list, but it will be great to get all these things in before September!


I am usually a positive person.

I usually take things in stride.

I usually have a “que sera sera” perspective.

Not yesterday.

Yesterday I was frustrated.

Yesterday I was mad.

Yesterday I was irritated.

Issues for my Dad’s trust are messed up.

I thought they were corrected, but they are not.

I thought things were resolved, but they are not.

I thought I could rely on someone to do the job, I could not.

Today is a new day.

I will plan a way to get this resolved.

I will go back to my positive outlook.

I will get through this.

#SOL18 Lunches

My morning routine is like this….

A cat nudges me awake, even though he was already fed by my husband.

I stumble out of bed, pour a cup of coffee.

The coffee is usually too piping hot, so I start making lunches.

I grab the bread, cheese, lunch meat, etc and start assembling my husbands sandwiches.

Still no coffee in my system, but my muscle memory takes over as I make my own salad for lunch.

Now, coffee is just right, I stand in the kitchen to savor a few sips before I scour the kitchen to find something my picky eater will find palatable.

I need caffeine to imagine what her preteen mind might not object to eating at lunch time.

(“Salami, I hate Salami!” She has eaten it 2 times a week since kindergarten.)

Sunday I had her tell me what she would eat for lunch each day this week- Tuesday’s request: pretzels and cream cheese.


How many lunches to pack until the end of the school year?

#SOL18 April 24th, 2018

VIP Treatment

Last week my youngest won an essay contest for A Beautiful Me, an organization that promotes confidence, inner strength and positivity for girls.  They offer an afterschool program that teaches girls to embrace their individuality, yet share their strength.

As the essay contest winner, she won tickets to see Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (I know right, every 11 year olds dream concert!).  Her father was elated- we got to meet a Motown Legend!  We had VIP seats, attended an exclusive Meet and Greet, and Jaelyn even got to go on stage with Martha to read her essay to the crowd, and to dance with her to “Dancing in the Streets”.

Everyone we met was impressed with Jaelyn’s essay and they all made her feel extremely special- especially Martha Reeves!