Bedside Table #sol17

Wondering and Wandering gave me today’s inspiration- these are the books on my beside table.  I wish I could say that I read a little each day, but time just gets away from me and lately, the call of the pillow has been beating the books!

For pleasure reading, I have been into historical fiction and have read all Philippa Gregory’s books from the White Queen series.  My husband and I just started watching “Outlander “on Starz, so now I am hooked on that series from Diana Gabaldon.

My professional reading has been focusing on how to support teachers with the reading and writing workshop model.

What reading material do you have on your bedside table?

Daddy Daughter Dance #sol17

Mommy bragging moment….aren’t they precious!  Last night was the annual Daddy Daughter Dance.  It was a great evening that has dads hanging onto the girls shoes and purses, while the girls run around, dance and giggle.

While my husband and daughter create lasting memories, I get to enjoy an evening of peace and quiet.  At first the solitude of the house is refreshing.  But as the minutes tick by, I realize I can’t wait for them to get home to tell me all about it!


Yesterday I Noticed… #sol17

Yesterday I noticed, birds sweetly singing just before dawn.

Yesterday I noticed, teachers talking about how they care for their students.

Yesterday I noticed, how together, teachers can solve problems.

Yesterday I noticed, that students learn a lot when given the chance to think for themselves.

Yesterday I noticed, that connections grow when we collaborate.

Yesterday I noticed, the sunshine breaking through the clouds.

Yesterday I noticed, the passion in others.

What a day…

What a day, it started out long and ended up even longer.  Hard to believe, but it is true.  Sometimes being a grown up just stinks.

I look over at my cat.  He is so chill.  Just snoozing away.  Not a care in his furry little head.  Someone feeds him, cleans up after him, and gives him attention when he wants it.  Does he need to worry about anything? -nope.

How I envy that carefree existence.

Birthday Girls #sol17

All of my children were born in the spring… just how it happened.  Today my youngest turns 10!  10!  Where did that decade go?  But my oldest turns 20 next month!  Looking at these two lovely ladies it is hard to imagine that they are growing up.

My oldest has an apartment, is moving on campus next fall, and is as firey as that red hair looks multiple ear piercings look.   My youngest still holds my hand, believes in the tooth fairy and gives me unexpected hugs just cuz.

While I am not looking forward to the teen years with her,  I know we will weather that storm.  And get even closer.  I love all three of my children with all my heart (let’s not forget my son who will be 19 in May).

Happy 10th Birthday Monkey!


Square Pie? #sol17

I have made an amazing discovery, I do NOT own a pie pan.  What?  I have been baking pies, all kinds of pies, and yet I do NOT have a pie pan.  I went to make chicken pot pie, had all the insides ready- and realized I do not own a pie pan.  (I must admit, I usually buy the premade pie shells that come in the tin.)

Well, teachers are flexible and creative, so I used a square 9×9 dish.  It worked!  Not the prettiest chicken pot pie, but it sure was tasty.  So that got me to thinking, does a pie have to be round?  My husband told me no, there are square pizza pies, so mine was fine.

That made me feel better.