Here I go….

Here I go typing my first blog on this site.  I am getting ready to challenge myself with the Slice of Life Challenge from Two Writing Teachers.

My goal is to become more aware of myself as a writer, learner and educator.  Stay tuned, great things are about to happen!  (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself)


2 thoughts on “Here I go….

  1. Welcome to the SOL16! I love that you introduced yourself. Seems like it may be obvious but I have not and reading yours helped me to connect to you right away. I am looking forward to hearing your musings this March. I was a literacy coach at one time and I loved it. Great things will happen. You will reap benefits writing daily along with us. Thanks for leaping in!


  2. Btw–your page is beautiful as well! I tried to create a WordPress and it was just too much but seeing your makes me want to try again. Happy slicing!


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