First Day of Slice of Life Challenge. Day 1

 Today I am exited to start my new writing adventure!  I am an elementary literacy coach.  This year our teachers are taking on a new writing curriculum with new resources and mentor texts.  As I ask my fellow teachers to write with their classes, I have decided that I need to write daily as well.  This challenge is just what I need to get me to live a writer’s life.

The best part of my job is to see the amazing things teachers do in their classrooms everyday.  This challenge will help me see what amazing writers do daily as well!  Let’s get slicing! 


8 thoughts on “First Day of Slice of Life Challenge. Day 1

  1. This is my first year slicing as well! My main reason for beginning the Slice of Life challenge is basically like yours…I challenge my students to be continuously writing, but where was my personal challenge? Glad to know there are other newbies here!


  2. Living a writer’s life is what this challenge is all about. Some days life overflows. Other days you wonder where is the inspiration? This will change you as a reader and writer, but enjoy it, even when it’s hard. Welcome!


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