Day 2: Snow Day!

img_1314 Michigan has had some wild weather this winter!  This past February was one of our warmest in years.  Saturday, February 20th was over 60 degrees, last Wednesday, February 24th we were buried beneath over 7 inches of snow.  This past Sunday, February 28th we welcomed a beautiful 64 degree sunny day.  Last night we got another 4 inches of snow plus a lovely sheet of sleet/ice.

The bonus of the day?  My school district is closed, but my husband and kids district is not!  I am going to spend the day reading and drinking coffee, and writing of course!



8 thoughts on “Day 2: Snow Day!

  1. I’d like to think snow has had its last hurrah in Pennsylvania, but we are expecting several inches on Friday morning. A snow day is a good catch-up day, or as you stated – a day to drink coffee, spend time with loved ones, and write! Enjoy!


  2. Wow! I am so excited for you. I love snow, probably because I am from Denver living in Texas and it has been so long since I have felt the tranquil effect of fresh fallen snow. In the 60s just the other day and now a snow day? Crazy. I will think of you reading, sipping coffee and live vicariously through you today.


  3. I also enjoyed the snow day. On the busy, crazy days of teaching, when I can’t even breathe or go to the bathroom, I need to remember the beauty of a snow day. I’m so thankful for the space to sit in quiet and recharge.


  4. I am also from Michigan! We are celebrating our second snow day today. It’s especially sweet because of the warm February when I didn’t think we would see a single snow day this year! My children attend my district, however, so we are all home together. Still writing and reading today, but not enjoying any quiet time. 🙂


  5. I am so proud of my wife as a lit coach. I have learned a lot from her that I could apply to my teaching of 10th grade English students and even with my drama students.


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