Day 8: Paperback vs Digital


Paperback vs Digital

Paperback books come in all shapes and sizes.

Digital are flat, mostly one size.

Both can have fabulous illustrations.

Paperbacks give me a feel of accomplishment as my bookmark moves through it.

Digital  doesn’t.  The bookmark moves, but it is still the same thickness.

Both contain stories and adventures that allow me to time travel or visit far off places.

Paperbacks can stack up on my bookshelf or beside my bed calling me to read them.

Digital can stack up in my device, but I can’t see how many there are unless I open my library tab.

Both get me thinking, reading and dreaming.


Which do you prefer?





2 thoughts on “Day 8: Paperback vs Digital

  1. I really like the comment that, “Paperbacks give me a feel of accomplishment as my bookmark moves through it.” -I think this is absolutely true. Most of my high school students who ‘have not lost their love for reading’ prefer the feeling of holding a real book. I utilize a 10 minute independent reading block in my secondary classroom Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays at the beginning of the hour. It is a routine that the kids are used to. Many enjoy this consistency. I think the ones who do not enjoy it are reading off their phones, which tempts them to flip back to other cites. I give books the thumbs up!

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  2. I like digital when I am at the gym or traveling, so each serves its purpose. But there is something about the feel of a book that a device will never replicate.Like the back and forth feel of your piece.

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