Day 15 of 31: Best Ideas in Shower

Why is it that my best thinking happens in the shower when I don’t have my trusty post-its to jot down my thoughts?  This morning I had so many great ideas for this blog, how to break free from the dreaded 5 paragraph essay, how do other teachers find the time to get a solid ELA block each day, ideas for blending science and social studies into ELA, finding out about school hours and lengths of the year from other states, etc, etc.

I am amazed that I actually remembered what I did!  Where does inspiration hit you?  If we practice noticing where our inspiration hits, maybe we can use our own experiences to help our students find their own  writing ideas, voice and style.

Over the next week, I plan to use the above epiphanies to keep me going on the TWT March Slice of Life Writing Challenge.




11 thoughts on “Day 15 of 31: Best Ideas in Shower

  1. I always get ideas in the weirdest places – the shower, while taking a walk, cooking dinner. I guess when we free our minds, they love to wander.

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    • I look forward to your comments everyday Rose! At least I know at least one person is reading my blog. I appreciate your thoughtful responses. Know that you have keep me going on my writing journey!


  2. Shower, driving, and in bed… whenever my mind is most free to wander! I keep a notepad beside my bed, and my husband actually found these waterproof notepads called “Shower Notes” for me a few years ago! Sounds like you need to get some!


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