Day 18: More Listening

One of the best parts of my job is going into classrooms and working with students.  I love it!  I can go in, talk to students, joke with students, and learn from students just by being a good listener.  I think that all students want to be listened to, really listened to.

When we confer with our students in reading or writing, we need to remember to do just that.  Let the student talk, and we listen.  Take their lead, what do they want to work on to make them more successful?  How can we support their learning choices?

Today I met with several students, their teachers watched as I conferred.  “That’s it?” one teacher said.  “You just listen and ask them questions?”

We know there is an art to asking questions (that is another topic), but we can all  start by listening.



4 thoughts on “Day 18: More Listening

  1. I cannot agree more! Students need to be listened to. Many of them are NOT listened to at home, and they are seeking attention and approval that they may not normally get from a parent. My best advice; regardless of what the student is talking about, no matter how silly, take the time to genuinely listen. That connection you make with them will pay off in the long run with your teacher to student relationship!

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  2. The listening allows the students to hear themselves talk, and talking it out is a great way to solve problems and learn. I love asking open-ended questions as I read aloud in the library, and listening to the students’ answers.


  3. We can learn so much from students if we just take the time to listen. I think too often teachers think there is some complicated procedure for conferring. But it really begins with making sure we are open to listening.

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