Day 19: Reading for Myself

img_1314This weekend I have decided to get lost in a book.  I love reading, but during the school year I find it hard to take time for myself to just read.

My oldest daughter was required to read Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins for her English class.  She rented it off Chegg, but before we send it back, I am reading it.

The author is masterful at giving the reader just enough information to put the pieces together- kind of.  Just when I think I may have this story figured out, another twist enters the plot.

A pile of professional books and articles await me, but right now, I am reading for myself!



7 thoughts on “Day 19: Reading for Myself

  1. Good for you! And that’s a winner for what it’s worth. I won’t spoil a thing. You’ll love it, or send it back 😉 I’m also reading an addictive book and once I’m done commenting today, I’ll be back at it!


  2. Just the kind of book that you can get lost in! Have a great weekend, and good for you for recognizing that just as we encourage students to read for pleasure, we have to model that ourselves.


  3. This is a great book and a quick read. It keeps you reading and trying to figure it out for sure! Enjoy your reading time. Sometimes we just have to read for our inner reader:)


  4. I read that book earlier this week. I got sucked in about 1/3 of the way through the book and the world stopped! I really liked it–and my college age daughter is about to finish it after having started it this morning. I finished The Martian today and I recommend putting that on your list.

    Sometimes we have to sharpen our saw in order to be better on Monday.


  5. I know the feeling. I also love to read but find it hard to read something not school related during the year!


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