Day 20: Kid Excitement

Kid excitement is contagious!  My youngest daughter is turning 9 tomorrow.  She is so excited it is contagious.  We will celebrate the day by going out to dinner.  The birthday girl picked out a Japanese steakhouse followed by dessert at a local frozen yogurt shop.

She is bouncing off the walls with anticipation.  Not just for the special dinner, but also for her long awaited gift- an iPod Touch.  You’d think she has won the lottery.  This morning I have been setting it all up, and she is standing eagerly behind me making sure I have put on all her apps, I just really want to set up all the parental restrictions.  As much as technology is a tool, it can also be a weapon if we don’t defend our young.

Kid excitement is trying to get me to give her this gift a day early.  As much as those big, brown eyes plea, I will hold strong.

Note from Birthday Girl:  Tell my mom to give it to me today!  I need it!  I need to set it up so I can message her, but she took it away to wrap it and I’m not happy about it!

Note from Mom:  You’ll get it tomorrow.



7 thoughts on “Day 20: Kid Excitement

  1. Love the little message from your daughter, but I’m with you. Some things are worth waiting for. Please tell her I hope she has fun with her new present…tomorrow. I’m glad my children are grown and I don’t have to deal with the dangers of the tech world – that is up to them, now. Good for you for being diligent about the parental controls.

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