Day 24: Minecraft Craze

img_1314-2Minecraft craze!  I just don’t get it.  My daughter is so into Minecraft it is crazy!  She only does the creative world, and loves to make these wacky villages, towns, universes, etc.  She has herds of cats, a whole town of pigs, zombie villagers, and I don’t get it.

With the hi-def technology that is available, why have these youngsters taken to clunky pixels?  What am I missing?   She is being creative, using problem solving skills as she tries to construct different items, and is reading her hint book.  Is there more educational value that we can gleam from this?

She and her friends are having a tree house challenge this week.  A massive tree house stands in one of her little worlds.  As she clicks ferociously on her iPod, she constructs, destroys, rebuilds, and expands her tree house. She knows what she is doing and happily gives me a tour as I do all I can to not get seasick as she glides through her world.  I just don’t get it.


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