Day 27: Bunny Time

The Easter Bunny has a tradition of leaving hints in eggs so that finding the baskets takes a little longer.  My 17 & 18 year old were surprised that the Easter Bunny left them hints this year.  They thought they were too old for the Easter Bunny.  But, when you have a sister 10 years younger than you, you get to have the Santa and EB perks.

They did a great job going along for the ride.  It is amazing that these two who think it is uncool- and would never admit to their friends that they still hunt for eggs and their baskets- play along to keep this special for their baby sister.  Gotta love my kids!

It is a truly glorious day here.  I think my dad is shining down on us, making sure that we don’t get caught up in missing him, but still carry on the traditions that he has set.

As I type this, the sun is shinning, the wind is gently blowing in the windows (for the first time since last fall) the birds are chirping, and the smell of ham lingers in the air!

Happy Spring!



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