Day 28:  Caution-Long Week Ahead

We usually have the week after Easter off for our Spring Break- not so for this year.  A few years ago our county decided on making the first full week of April  Spring Break for all school districts.  The benefits are that families can schedule vacations a year or two out without worrying about their students missing school.

Well, since the county mandate, this is the first time that Easter has been a week away from the first full week of April.  It seemed to have fallen the weekend butting up to break or the weekend at the end of break.  Walking around the school today, I can tell it is going to be a loooonnnng week!  

Students are still sugared up from Easter goodies, parents are already calling their students in absent for Thursday and Friday, and teachers are compiling their ‘to do’ lists and hoping they get done so they can enjoy the break.

Let’s just keep swimming and look forward to 4:30 on Friday!


4 thoughts on “Day 28:  Caution-Long Week Ahead

  1. Yeah, I’ve already got students who are telling me they won’t be here later this week. That is what movies are for. The amount they are missing is minimal/

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  2. No matter how hard we try to make scheduling breaks easier, it never completely works out. Hope you get through this week OK, then enjoy next week, too!


  3. A loooonnnng week – love the way you stretched it out. It’s hard to deal with those sugar highs. Our kids always showed up with candy for school too. Here’s hoping that your loooonnnng week turns out to be shorter than anticipated.


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