Day 29: Teenage Know-it-all

People always told me, “Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems.”  I wasn’t sure what people meant, until my little kids turned into big kids.

My oldest will be 19 next month. She is spreading her wings.  She is making arrangements to go to Chicago with a girl friend.  She made the reservations at a hotel and got a really good deal.  When I jokingly asked if it had its own bathroom, she said “Yeah, it says a shared bathroom.”  I told her that means she shares it with other guests, she said no, she and her friend will share it.  We looked on the website, and sure enough, one bathroom is shared by 4 guest rooms.  Lesson learned?  I’m not sure.

While I am terrified to let her go to a big city on her own, however, I know I must let her flutter.  She needs to test things out.  Her father and I spout out words of wisdom to deaf ears, but maybe she will listen to some of them.



7 thoughts on “Day 29: Teenage Know-it-all

  1. Our small town son went to school in Chicago. I was so worried he’d get lost, or worse. He blossomed. Our daughter choose a small school near our home, and in October moved to…Chicago.

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  2. Your post reminded me of the morning I waved goodbye to my just-graduated-from-college daughter who was driving across the country to CA by herself to work in an AmeriCorp program. I thought I should have my head examined. But off she went and two years later went off to live in Costa Rica for a few years. My friends always said I gave her wings. I just had to trust that she would make good decisions, and she has never let us down. You may think the words of wisdom are falling on deaf ears, but she is listening. She just doesn’t want you to know she is.

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  3. We want them to go…we want them to stay….we want them to go…..oh my heart is too full! Full of happiness that they want to go and sadness that they won’t be right here. In the end, I take it one step at a time knowing that it will all be OK. There’s a plan!!

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  4. That must be hard having words fall on deaf ears. I’m glad that you’re able to let her fly despite how hard that can be. She’ll come back, and probably have some of those words she didn’t hear with her, too.

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