A Day Late

A day late, but with a reason.  Not the best reason, but a reason.  Yesterday just slipped away.  My daughters have been ill for the past five days, and the youngest was finally feeling better. And on day two with no fever!

We made up for lost time by spending the day doing errands.  A long list of errands that we thought would take only have a day, but soon became a full day.  (I guess I haven’t shopped for dress shoes for a special occasion in a long time.)

Then, we get home to a sink over flowing with dishes (yeah teenagers) and the garbage bag piled so high it looked like a work of art.  After dinner, clean up, and life, I feel asleep.

Like I said, a day late but with a reason, not a good reason.  Just life.  But isn’t that what a slice of life story is all about?


4 thoughts on “A Day Late

  1. Oh I know how you feel! I am in FLorida visiting my mom and was not able to get my post in. I did get up this morning and wrote on my blog, but comments are now closed so I cannot post! 😦 Glad you were able!


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