Slice of Life Story Challenge 2017

March 1st:  Well- the time has finally come to start my month long writing adventure!  I have been thinking about how to plan for this month.  Will I be able to think of something new to write everyday?  Will my thoughts be coherent?  Will anyone read this?

welcome-wagon-volunteer-with-borderLast year was the first time I participated, and it was amazing.  To see so many writers come together to support one another as we write our lives away is inspiring!  Welcome back to those who have participated before, and Welcome to all you Newcomers!  #sol2017

3 thoughts on “Slice of Life Story Challenge 2017

  1. It’s SO exciting to see returning bloggers and thanks for the reminder to post my Welcome Wagon button – somewhere. I believe this is my fourth year for the #SOLSC. I think my favorite thing is to read what others post and “borrow” their ideas for posts. Imitation is a VERY sincere form of flattery!!!

    Good luck with your ideas for 31 days of writing!

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