Lab Class for ELA: March 7 #sol17

I am ready for another awesome day with teachers!  As an Instructional Literacy Coach for my district,  I facilitated my first Lab Class professional development day last week.  It was incredible!

I am privileged to get to observe and work with teachers almost everyday- but it is very difficult for classroom teachers to get in to watch their colleagues.  We all learn more about the art of teaching when we walk into each others rooms.  What a cool bulletin board.  I love that anchor chart.  How do your students shop for books? are conversations that may be spurred by simply walking into another classroom.  But how often do we give teachers the chance to watch one another?  And maybe even more importantly, how the students respond to the teaching that is happening?

Using the Lab Class model, teachers have the opportunity to truly learn from one another by watching each other teach in their own classrooms and having a discussion about the lesson afterward.  Teachers open their doors to each other and learn together.  It is amazing!


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