Parents: March 8th #sol17

Enjoy your parents…

They will bug you, give you advice that is not requested, call to talk for what you may deem as nothing important, give you fists full of coupons you may never need.

Listen to their laugh and save it somewhere special.  Watch their mannerisms, you may see them again in yourself or children.  Take a picture of them with your mind when they are healthy and vibrant- how you want to remember them.  One day they are here, one day they are not.

Enjoy your parents… welcome-wagon-volunteer-with-border  Missing my Dad today.


4 thoughts on “Parents: March 8th #sol17

  1. I am blessed to still have my parents. Thanks for this reminder to appreciate them more. It’s tough watching them age and begin to drop out of activities. My daughter is getting married this month and they’ve decided it’s too difficult for them to travel. No serious health issues, but I am disappointed. I think I’ll give them a call today.

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