And the winner is… #sol17

We have been in our house almost 21 years and are the original owners.    As the years swirl bye, the home repairs mount up.

First, we added a deck- finished the basement- installed a fence- built a shed.  Then the fun part, having to start replacing things.  First we had to replace the windows-then the roof- landscaping- flooring.

This year we have to prioritize.  The four big contenders are :

  1. Remodel the main bathroom
  2. Put in new flooring in the kitchen and Great room
  3. Install a new furnace/air conditioner and hot water tank
  4. Build a raised garden

And the winner is…. the furnace!  You have served us well.  Only went out a couple of times.  But it is time to bid you a fond farewell.  (Waiting for the installers as I type.)



6 thoughts on “And the winner is… #sol17

  1. We’ve been in our home almost twenty years (not the original owners). Last week it was the hot water heater. When you’re a homeowner, something is always vying for attention! We did the furnace last year.

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  2. The struggle between need and want is real! I remember wanting to do an inside renovation that would give us bigger closets and having to redo the roof…which was not as much fun. I would have voted for the flower beds or floors but I’m sure warmth won out!

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