Tired Tuesday: #sol17

The time change has hit us full force.  No one wanted to get up today.  Not the dog, not the cats, not my husband, not the kids, not me.  The alarm clock was patient, reliably going off every 10 minutes after I hit the snooze button.  After 3 times, my husband reluctantly rolled out of bed.  He started the coffee, while the critters and I still slept.

Why do we spring forward?  Yes, it was nice that it was still light out at 7pm, but really?  Is is worth the tired beginning to a long week?  I’m not sure.

(Don’t think the Early Morning Slicer is accurate today!)


6 thoughts on “Tired Tuesday: #sol17

  1. Snow day here which makes even harder to get going. I’m nodding off as I read Gloria Steinem’s latest book this morning. It’s no reflection on the book, her prose excites me. I kept saying at 8 I’ll act like it’s a normal work day, but here it is nearly 10 and I’m just beginning to show signs of activity.


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