Darn U Auto-Correct: #sol17

I have a love/hate relationship with auto-correct.  I do tend to make silly typing mistakes, liek we all do (see what I did there!)  And it corrects them for me- usually.  I am also not the best speller on the planet, so the spell check option has been a resource I rely on.

But then there are those times when Jae is spelled J-a-e, not J-a-r  (my daughter’s nickname is Jae).   Arrgh!   Yesterday I was typing a note and I thought I typed “o-u-t”. After I clicked send, I reread the note and it said “up”, what???  My guess is that I omitted the “o” so the computer helped me out… by replacing “ut” with “up”.

I like the old fashioned, underline the questionable word in red, then let me decide how or if to change it. What’s up with this computer thinking it has better word choice than I do?   Changing the word as I am typing along, without warning nonetheless, is not for me.  So darn u auto-correct!  You are a blessing and a curse!


4 thoughts on “Darn U Auto-Correct: #sol17

  1. I had to click on this and giggle. My son was just decrying the auto-correct last night as he was finishing up some homework. It’s not like auto-correct let’s you put editing on auto-pilot…it just shifts your level of awareness to how the computer might screw up instead of just yourself!! Funny!

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  2. So true – it is a curse and a blessing. Sometimes I get texts from people that are just too hard to decipher – not because they weren’t clear in what they wanted to say, but because auto-correct changed too many words. Ah, technology!

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  3. I completely agree. I’m doing this blog from my phone and sometimes my fingers get going too fast or I click wrong. I always have to go back through and check my words and spellings. What I get mad about is when my phone automatically “corrects” were to we’re. Then I click on it or back up to try to change it and it keeps going back to we’re! Ugh! Another one is and…Sometimes comes across as abs? Gotta love technology.

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