Irish Names #sol17

My husband is 100% Polish- no doubt about it.  But thanks to my genetic gene pool “a little bit of this and a little bit of that”, our children have a little bit of Irish in them as well.

My Grandfather was born in 1919- he was a proud man born with the family name of Checonsky.  He was proud of his heritage, Polish from his father, Irish from his mother.  In the 1950’s he was in an accident at work on a factory line.  He had to have several surgeries and he was out of work for a long time.  My grandmother had to go to work- something that was not done often as a mother of three in the 1950’s.  The bills mounted up, the factory refused to pay his medical bills, so my grandparents sued.  Another thing that was not common.  The factory had to pay, but they blacklisted my Grandpa.  No one else would hire him.

So, he thought outside of the box, he changed the family last name.  My mom now became a Connor.  He embraced his Irish heritage when he chose his new last name.  He had three daughters, no sons.  His Polish last name was carried on by his brother’s children.

When we named our two oldest children, we gave them Irish names.  Maybe I subconsciously chose their names to carry on the little bit of Irish they have in them; Kaitlyn and Brendan.

Whatever your heritage, embrace it- and my the luck of the Irish be with you!


5 thoughts on “Irish Names #sol17

  1. Wonderful story about your grandfather. For me, I think it illuminates the need for unions, but I don’t want to be political. I completely forgot that today is St. Patrick’s Day. I should have written about that since My husband is half Irish. His Dad was 100% Irish and had accumulated so many Irish knickknacks. “Kiss me. I’m Irish!” was his favorite saying. Your post made me think of him today. Thank you.

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  2. I so enjoy reading about heritage, history and names, and especially enjoyed your slice. I wrote on this today as well, as my grandfather’s middle name was St.Patrick – yes, really! And he changed his name, too, albeit for a different reason. I am in awe of the survival skills of that generation.

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