My Dad #sol17


For My Dad

We lost my Dad in January of 2016.  He had many health issues, but his heart was his main problem.  He went into surgery on a Tuesday, and never woke up again.  On the following Sunday morning, my brother, sister, mom and husband said our final goodbye as the machines stopped pumping his heart and breathing for him.  Not an easy choice- especially for my mom.  They were married over 46 years.

He didn’t want a funeral.  But we needed closure.  I hosted a Celebration of his Life dinner the following weekend for immediate family.  We laughed, we cried, we shared memories of the good times, and stories of the not so good.  We all felt that he was there, but not sure if he “approved” of the gathering.

The previous Christmas we bought a solar green light to honor a vet- my Dad proudly served as a Marine during Vietnam.  It never lit up- no matter what we did.  So I just left it in the garden window.

That night as we were cleaning up, my daughter said- “The green light went on.”  We looked, it wasn’t on.  “”Look, there it goes again!”  Again I looked over, it flickered, then shown brightly.  It was my Dad- I know it was him giving me his approval for celebrating his life.

At that same time, as my sister and mom were driving home, my parents phone number and last name lit up on her car’s screen- no one had a phone out, and no one was at my parent’s house.  We know it was him letting us know he was there.

The darn light still doesn’t go on every night, but when it does I say hello to my Dad. The picture above is my Dad letting me know he is never far away!


13 thoughts on “My Dad #sol17

  1. Your slice is a beautiful tribute and testament to our loved ones being there and supporting us long after they’ve gone. I felt my Dad too right after his death, he spoke to me so powerfully in a dream. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. Beautiful post… I love reading these kinds of stories when our loved ones are peeking through – because they are. I can share numerous ones about my mother, and it isn’t uncommon for electricity to be involved. I just know the peace it brings, which is so reassuring. I am especially moved by Vietnam vets; as they were the forgotten group, yet fought a brutal war. I salute your dad and send warmest thoughts to your family. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this.. My Dad has Alzheimer’s.. and I haven’t spoken to him in probably 5 years, but the other day, my daughter said she smelled him nearby..

    Even though he can’t talk, I know his soul is still alive and vibrant .. and I believe we are all part of a bigger thing.

    They live NOW. 🙂

    Thank you for your post!

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