Family Time #sol17

Family time with my children is something that we don’t get enough of, and I know that limited family time will be an increasing trend over time.

This past weekend, we celebrated my youngest daughter’s 10th birthday.  Her older sister, who is going to be 20 next month came home for the weekend.  Her brother, who will be 19 in May didn’t have school or work on Friday night, so we celebrated by going to a favorite restaurant.

As the three were growing up, we always had dinner together- no matter how crazy our day was, or how obnoxious the teen years were, having dinner as a family was a priority. Our dinner out on Friday was a reminder of those days.  As an added bonus, my son got out of work early last night, so we had two family dinners in a row so all 5 of us were there.

Most nights it is just three of us (my husband, youngest and myself) but I hope this bonding time will leave a lasting impression on all of them about how important family is.

January 1st, 2017- we started the year at my parent’s house on a lake.  One of my Dad’s favorite places.


11 thoughts on “Family Time #sol17

  1. What a lovely family you have! Family time is so important. I am making a concerted effort to make sure I not only talk to my parents once each week, but that I set up time to do things with them. We all get so busy, and I don’t want to have any regrets.

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  2. I really like the reminder of family dinner. The kids are 11 and 13. Many days are super busy that it is too easy to forget to slow it down a bit. We do have one or two successful family dinners each week where we can just slow it down a bit.

    I do feel the same, I hope we are giving them some good lasting memories to power them through whatever life has for them.


  3. How lucky for all of you that things fell into place for two family dinners in a row! You are so right about the importance of making this happen and also that it gets harder and harder. Kids move away, work schedules interfere, and activities overlap.

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  4. I too made family dinners a priority when my kids were growing up I still do…but they are few and far between. Most nights it’s just me – living alone – and eating alone. Your slice was a delicious reminder of t=family dinners. Thanks you.

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  5. We also always had dinner together, the five of us. Over time that, too, changed. But, eating together is still a priority. I have a senior in college who is four hours away. He left today to return to school. My other two sons, aged 17 and 15, are still at home but the 17 year old has a job and tennis season is soon to start. My youngest is running track. Oh, and my husband works shifts the perclude him from being home for meals all nights. It will be difficult to have dinner together this spring. I will miss it.


  6. Family time is the best. Enjoy it as much as you can now. Once the kids get married and start having their own kids it gets a little trickier to get everyone together. We do it as often as we can.


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