Bedside Table #sol17

Wondering and Wandering gave me today’s inspiration- these are the books on my beside table.  I wish I could say that I read a little each day, but time just gets away from me and lately, the call of the pillow has been beating the books!

For pleasure reading, I have been into historical fiction and have read all Philippa Gregory’s books from the White Queen series.  My husband and I just started watching “Outlander “on Starz, so now I am hooked on that series from Diana Gabaldon.

My professional reading has been focusing on how to support teachers with the reading and writing workshop model.

What reading material do you have on your bedside table?


4 thoughts on “Bedside Table #sol17

  1. I always shave a stack of books on my night side table too. Usually social work related books, or new kinds of interventions for students or books for fun.


  2. My bedside reading is strictly inspirational, spiritual, or personal. I keep my professional pile in my office. I have a hard time getting any reading in lately. The pillow calls to me too!


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