Wishes #sol17


I wish I had a better night’s sleep, but that’s when I think my hardest.

I wish I didn’t have to worry, but that’s were creative solutions evolve.

I wish my dad was still here to advise me, but then he’d still be sick.

I wish my kids college funds were paid for, but then they may not learn responsibility.

I wish my house was always clean, but how would people know we live here.

I can wish a lot of things, but then would I know to be grateful and feel blessed for what I do have?



5 thoughts on “Wishes #sol17

  1. I enjoy all your posts. Just because I do not comment does not mean they are not worthy of one, it just means I may not have the time or anything witty or insightful to add. I’m sure others feel the same way. Keep doing them!

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