Writing Friendships #sol17

Thank you TwoWritingTeachers.org for hosting the Slice of Life Challenge.   This month has been such a wonderful writing experience, full of unexpected surprises!

I learned new ways to write, new structures to try, new types of writing, and new professional resources.

The most important element about this month has been the ongoing support from other writers and the chance to make writing friends from all over the globe!

Today I am hopeful that those I connected with, and many more, will continue to blog about their Slice of Life.  I can’t wait to hear about the babies that about to be born, how retiring teachers say goodbye to their classrooms and start their next chapter, while new teachers anticipate what is yet to come.  I have enjoyed hearing about trips to exotic, and some not so exotic places, classroom management tips, and must see tv shows.

Being on the Welcome Wagon pushed me to write everyday, and being able to respond to new slicers daily taught me new things and I made some great writing friends.  This community of writers strengthened me, and I must say….



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