Sadness, Joy and Hope

This is my symbolizm of sadness, joy and hope.

This plot of dirt was once the site of a 25 foot Sugar Maple tree. 

JOY:  My nana gave my husband and I the tree as a housewarming gift.  Who knew that a 4 foot tree would grow into a giant that would have its mighty roots push up against our house.  

SADNESS:  To save the foundation of our house, we had to cut the tree down a few years after my Nana died.  We had to give up the Nana tree. 

JOY:  This weekend we dug, and dug, and dug the remaining roots out of the ground and found an old sprinkler line that the roots choked off (that’s not the joy yet).  We also found where my Dad rerouted the line.  His handy work lies beneath the lawn.  The joy is memories of him healthy and getting dirty doing home repairs.

SADNESS:  My dad passed away two winters ago. 

HOPE:  This plot of dirt will soon be a new garden.  A garden full of promise.  A place where I can tend the plants and talk to my Dad and my Nana.  A hopeful sign that life goes on.


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