New Kitchen Workout Plan!

Sunday started like any other Sunday.  I went to pour my husband and I coffee, when a strange smell hit me near the fridge.  A kind of burning oder.  I opened the door to get the creamer, and the smell nearly knocked me down!

It was like something burning, kind of like when a fluorescent light socket goes bad.  One light bulb was out, and the other was super hot and arching.  For fear of a fire, we unplugged it and quickly moved everything to the basement refrigerator.  (Sorry beer and pop….)

So, now for the new kitchen workout plan.  Simply keep your fridge in the basement!  You get quite the stair stepping workout when cooking any meal.  Think you have everything to prep for dinner?  You probably don’t!  Back down the stairs to grab the butter….oops, forgot the shredded cheese.  Oh… now you need milk?  

This could be the next big thing in excercise plans, and you read it here first!


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