Garden of Learners #SOL17

This is the time of year teachers love and fear all at the same time!  This is the time of year for teachers to see the fruits of their labor.

Readers are reading and applying the strategies we have taught.

Writers are writing and conveying meaning through their own words.

Mathematicians are calculating and making sense of numbers.

Scientists are formulating theories and finding ways to make sense of their world.

Students are learning about the places where they live; the cities, states and countries around us in Social Studies.

Teachers have planted a garden in each student that entered his or her room.

Teachers have tended to that garden of readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists and Social Studies learners (what do you call them?  Socialists just doesn’t seem right.)

Teachers prune, nurture and watch over that garden of learners all year long.

Now it is time to step back in amazement to see how far all of the students have come.  How much growth they have made, and celebrate!

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!


2 thoughts on “Garden of Learners #SOL17

  1. How similar your post is to mine! I agree that this is the time to celebrate! Your line, “Teachers have tended to that garden of readers, writers…” is so true. Teachers invest in tomorrow.


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