Overcoming a Fear

Last week I had a decision to make; fly over Lake Michigan for 15 minutes, or cross an angry Lake Michigan on the ferry (a 120+ minute voyage) with 8-10 foot waves.   Either choice would be followed by a 5 hour car ride home.   I do not fly well, so this was quite a conundrum.  However, facing a long drive home while nauseous and with a sea sick child did not make the choice difficult.

Off into the wild, blew yonder…. I decided to go for the plane ride!  It was quite an experience- surprisingly smooth, and quick.  The plane was a little 10 seater.  Only 4 passengers on this flight from Beaver Island to Charlevoix, Michigan.  We were in the air before I knew it.  Landing, was a different story…

It was noisy, but the view more than made up for the roar of the engine.  Everything looked amazing.  The white caps raising up from the mighty lake while we flew over confirmed that I made the right choice.  My 10 year old was sweet as could be and tried to hold my hand while she plugged her ears.


Would I do it again?  I think I would!




6 thoughts on “Overcoming a Fear

  1. Good for you! I’ve been thinking a lot about facing fears and pushing myself through them. It’s amazing how fear can influence your life in big and small ways. It sounds like you made a great choice for both of you.

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  2. Wow, that is crazy. I’m glad you chose the flight and especially happy that it turned out well for you. I hate being sea sick, and with those conditions seasickness would have been inevitable. Once I took the ferry from Ludington, MI, to Manitowoc, WI, taking Dramamine to avoid the motion sickness. Instead of being sick, I stumbled around in a half-sleep for about twelve hours. I don’t even remember the car tour of Door County. Flying would have been an easy decision for me. Nice job describing overcoming your fear.

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  3. Lake Michigan, aaah! I love it so much. We just spent several days/nights near the shores of Lake Superior and the noise of the waves lulled us to sleep each night. That would have been a tough choice for me as well but it sounds like you made the right decision. Glad it turned out for you both.

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