#SOLSC18 March 3rd

A Day Well Spent

Today I spent the day with fellow teachers of writing. Some of us teach elementary students, some middle school, some high school, and some of us post secondary students.  Although we all teach different grade levels, a common theme was found throughout the presentations; we are teachers of writing and we all want our students to succeed.  We thoughtfully listened and reflected on how the information shared might impact the students we teach every day.  Or at least I did so with each presentation.

I was one of the only elementary teachers in the room.  I was the only elementary teacher presenting, and I was the last presentation of the day.  I was nervous that what I had to say wouldn’t be relevant to all the participants.  Who wants to sit through a presentation on a Saturday and not get anything out of it? Would what I had to say give them anything they could apply to their older students?

As I stumbled through my first few slides, it appeared that they were interested in what I had to say.  They nodded in agreement, snapped a few pictures of my slides (that surprised me) and were able to connect what I had to say with what they are doing with their students.  As my nervousness withered away, my passion for teaching writing blossomed.  It was a day well spent in the company of writers.



4 thoughts on “#SOLSC18 March 3rd

  1. Indeed, it sounds like you had “a day well spent.” When I conduct literacy PD for elementary teachers, it isn’t uncommon for me to have some MS and/or HS teachers present because they are looking for ways to reach their lower-performing students, they want to see how we deliver instruction at elem level. They are usually among the most engaged participants in those elementary workshops.


  2. I’ll be reading your posts…no pressure, but I look forward to reading someone who teaches writing. Presenting is always a great and nerve-racking experience for me. I try to do too much, worried about exactly what you say. “What can I possibly say that these smart people will value?” Congratulations on a positive day! I’ll bet you’re enlightening as can be.

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