Impromptu Social Experiment

Last Saturday, while driving on a muddy, dirt road we slid into a ditch. That is the bad news.

While my husband attempted to rock us out, I called a tow service. There was no way that minivan was going to get out of a muddy ditch on its own. While we waited, we saw a few cars pass by.

This was in a rural area, so not much traffic. If it was a cold, snowy or rainy day, it would have been miserable. Luckily, it was a relatively nice afternoon, so we walked the dirt road while we waited. (Sitting crooked in the passengers seat was not comfortable.)

The first car came by and asked if we needed help. I told them we are okay, the tow truck was on its way. Then the next car drove by about 5 minutes later. They didn’t even engage in any eye contact.

Next car, they stopped to check on is, as did the next. Then a couple more cars just drove by. My husband suggested that we keep track of how many people would offer to help or check on us. In the 65 minute wait for the tow service- 11 of the 22 cars stopped to make sure we were okay.

I was pleasantly surprised, my husband was not as impressed. My daughter thought watching the tow truck driver work was super cool. Glad we were able to give her that life experience. (Along with Dad should listen to Mom- but that’s another Slice)

5 thoughts on “Impromptu Social Experiment

  1. I’m surprised more people wouldn’t stop! We used to live in a rural area, and neighbours of ours had their car break down on the side of the road (pre-cell phone era!) He stood out and waited for help to come. After 30 minutes, and many passing cars, he got back in and his wife got out. Within minutes they had help.

    I love the ending of your piece…kind of a “to be continued”.

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  2. Oh, this made me laugh. I’m already looking forward to hearing “more of the story.” Interesting that 22 people stopped. I wouldn’t have expected the number to be so high. Glad everyone is okay.

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