March 1st #SOLSC ’19


A full week of school!  Wow- we have not had a full week of school since the Holiday break.  It was a looonnnggg week. We are tired, the kids are tired. But, it is a good tired. The kind of tired that hits once the kids leave; follows you home; gives you just enough energy to cook dinner (although we ordered out tonight) and lulls you into a deep sleep.

The kind of tired that lets you slip out of bed refreshed, until about noon. Then it weaves itself into your brain….

This weekend will be a welcome break that we are earned!


img_1314-3Thank you Two Writing Teachers for supporting educators of writing!

6 thoughts on “March 1st #SOLSC ’19

  1. We’ve had many 5-day weeks. This week was only 3 1/2 for the students with late nights of conferences and then some work time today. I’m tired, but feel like I have accomplished a lot. Have a good weekend.

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  2. I think I’m the “spring is coming” kind of tired. The time change, still dark at 6….ready for more vitamin D. I vacillate between long days and not enough time to do what I need to. I feel your pain:) ummm now I gotta get back to Chinese food and Netflix until I fall asleep in my chair……

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  3. We had the same–this was our first 5 day week since December. It was a good week–but it was good to see 3:30 today as well. I sent some tired kids home to weary parents. I hope you can rest and refresh this weekend!

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