March 19th, SOLSC ‘19

Wizarding World: Christmas Day

“Well, it looks like Santa thought you were all pretty good this year.” My husband called to our three kids. The 20 and 21 year old were content with their Christmas gifts; secretly pleased that their 11 year old sister still “believed” in Santa.

My mom, who was staying with us for Christmas stifled a laugh. She knew what was coming.

“Oh, I think there may be something else.” I jumped up and rushed off to the bedroom.

“Look, one more for each of you.” I said trying to contain my excitement. “These are from Dad and me.” I wasn’t about to let Santa take the credit for this one.

The kids glanced at one another as they hesitantly took the three identical packages from me. All three opened the gifts and stared up in disbelief. Snuggled amongst the gold tissue paper was a letter from Hogwarts, ticket to Platform 9 3/4s and an itinerary with airline flights and hotel reservations.

My youngest, the biggest Harry Potter fan of all- literally cried with joy! The big kids were amazed… We were going to Universal Orlando in less than three weeks! Best Christmas Ever! (We had an magical trip!)

5 thoughts on “March 19th, SOLSC ‘19

  1. Noel has always been the magical one. The one to make sure every holiday and every moment is special. I have been happy to go along for the rides to make the kids’ days special.


  2. I loved the line “I wasn’t about to let Santa take the credit for this one”. I could sense how excited you were. What a great moment. You could literally see the genuine excitement on their faces in the photo. Glad you were able to make this happen. Such a great family moment.

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