March 29th, SOLSC ’19

A Walk

The brisk breeze sends a chill through me even though the sunshine tries to warm my face. I inhale the fresh scent of early spring.

Last year I would take walks with my 11 year old. Now that she is 12, taking walks with mom is so uncool. So, here I am, on my evening stroll. It is different now. Now that I don’t have my friendly companion by my side I can take notice of things I haven’t really seen before. A pair of morning doves hover over my house. Robins are busily collecting dinner, and squirrels are hunting for forgotten nuts they squirreled away.

The animals are the fun part. It is the neighbors that are puzzling to me. Several are out walking this evening. Many with a canine companion, others with a partner, two are alone like me. But not one tries to catch my eye. Not one says “Hello.” I smile at them, they avoid eye contact. I call out “Hello!”  They turn their heads toward me, almost surprised that I broke their train of thought.

I will continue to take my evening walks, continue to smile and call out “Hello.” Perhaps they will warm up as the weather does.

9 thoughts on “March 29th, SOLSC ’19

  1. I’m hoping they “warm up,” too. Are they usually friendly? When you describe this neighborhood, I envision a rather small one where everyone knows each other. Anytime I see a fellow walker, I usually call out a greeting, like you. I guess that’s not the case with everyone. (Some people are pretty intense when they walk.)


  2. Love how it isn’t going to discourage you from saying hello. Hope your neighbors warm up! Sorry you lost your walking companion, but I’m sure it’s nice to be able to notice and enjoy the nature that surrounds you!

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  3. I love your description of your walk. It feels like I’m right there with you. I’m puzzled when greetings are not returned. I greet many children each day by name and they don’t even turn their heads. It makes me a little sad, but, like you, I’m going to keep saying “Good Morning.”

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  4. I enjoyed all the things that you notice now on your walk, even if you aren’t especially cool 😉 I’m betting the neighbors warm up with the weather. Those first walks after winter are always a time to shake off our hibernation habits. Sunshine brings out our best.

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