March 31st, SOLSC ’19

First Class Relic

Yesterday our church as honored to host a first class relic from our patron saint, St. John Vianney. What an incredible opportunity. This relic is on a pilgrimage across the United States.

The Heart of St. John Vianney is incorrupt, literally the heart of this saint has been preserved by God. A first class relic is a body part of the saint, a second class relic is an object directly used or touched by the saint.

It was quite an experience. We arrived early for 5pm mass. Hundreds of people were waiting to touch, reflect and pray with this relic. After mass, the lines started up again and we joined in. The entire church had a different feel. You could feel a collective energy of prayer and hope.

As I approached the relic, a sense of peace came across my entire being. Words cannot express the feeling. I just know this was an amazing experience.

4 thoughts on “March 31st, SOLSC ’19

  1. Noel, I cannot imagine the peace that you had when approaching the relic. I have been at healing masses where the same elements of prayer and hope exist.
    Do you know if the relic is coming to Long Island?

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