Day21: March 21, 2020

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

No slumber party or shopping spree, but we did manage to make our youngest’s birthday special with a virtual party! We used Google hangout to get a group of friends to sing happy birthday to her. Kinda ackward and glitchy with everyone singing at once, but she loved it!

We were still able to order pizza from her favorite pizza place, and the night will end by watching “Onward” thanks Pixar for releasing online!

What does she really want? A trip to The Wizarding World. She is a Ravenclaw through and through. We will get back there sometime! One day we will talk about this strange time in history when we had to self quarantine against an invisible enemy. But for now, being able to be healthy and together is good enough for her!

2 thoughts on “Day21: March 21, 2020

  1. Sadly, my youngest’s 13 years old milestone birthday was overshadowed by the gloom of the Corona Virus, but as always, my wife Noel came thru and made it special, and our daughter, being mature beyond her years, was okay with it all. She’s a trooper and we love her for that!

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