Fall Beauty

The fall crisp air, glorious sunset, and spectrum of oranges, reds and browns are a reminder that as this year takes its final bow, a new year will soon begin.


Powerful Writing Ahead!

Yesterday I was invited into a classroom during Writing Workshop. The lesson I saw was amazing! Nothing flashy, no dog and pony show, just solid, impactful, engaging instruction.

The teacher stated her target, referred back to prior knowledge, demonstrated the new content, gave kid relevant examples, checked for understanding, modeled, set them off for success, met with every partnership, and brought them back together to share their learning. The students understood the routines and procedures, so the transitions flowed.

So why was this such a powerful lesson? She taught from the heart. She took what she knows about her students and tailored the lesson to meet their needs. The students were able to support each other, and as she checked in with each partnership, she was able to plan where to take them next.  

Not Again…here comes Maria!

Last week I wrote about hearing from my sister who lives on St. John USVI.  That was the only time I have heard from her. Cell towers are still down and from what I see online, the island will need time to rebuild. They are not ready for another hurricane. I can not fathom the horrific damage any of the areas hit by the past two hurricanes have endured.

Yet, here comes Maria!  She is due to hit St. John tonight and into tomorrow. Prayers to those impacted by these powerful storms. Another day of worry while families wonder if there loved ones are safe. 


S-A-F-E, four letters that express to the world that you are safe.  My sister and her family live on St. John USVI and they are safe.  It took us almost 4 days to find out, but she is safe.  It was crazy watching the horrific pictures of the aftermath, waiting to hear if any were injured or killed by Hurricane Irma, knowing that almost all communications were cut off.  Are they safe?

I scoured the every USVI safe list I could find.  Looked at the crude grocery bag safe list that the locals wrote names on and somehow managed to put online.  Her name wasn’t anywhere.  I found myself somewhat obsessed with checking, just waiting for some glimmer that they were okay.

She called on Saturday!  It was a short, choppy phone call- and never in a million years would I have thought that hearing her voice would bring me so much peace and joy!

St. John and all the areas impacted by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have a lot of rebuilding to do.  As I am watching the Hand in Hand telethon I am amazed by the compassion and selflessness that can come out of such tragic events.   May we, as a nation, continue to put aside racial, political, or any other differences to show the world what Americans are capable of building, and rebuilding together.

Back to School

Today is the students first day of school.  Smells of freshly painted walls and floor polish linger in the halls.  

Students are full of anticipation.  Who will be in their class?  Will the teacher be nice?  How long until recess?

Teachers are full of anticipation.  Who will be in their class? Will the students like them?  How long until lunch?  

Parents are full of anticipation.  Who will be in their child’s class? Will my child like the teacher?  How long until the bus brings them home?

May this feeling of anticipation, this feeling of the unknown, bring a year of new discoveries, friendships and knowledge.

Happy School Year!

Summer Days

Oh summer days…  how I will miss you.  

I will miss waking up when I want to.

I will miss having early lunches or late dinners.

I will miss going on unplanned adventures.

I will miss reading romance novels.

I will miss lounging around the house, just because we can.

Goodbye summer!  

100,000 Miles!

Tonight our 2006 Mercury Montego turned 100,000 miles!  I feel so accomplished.  This is the first car we owned that made it to this milestone!  We celebrated this coming of age by taking a drive, all 5 of us (another small feat).  The last 30 miles to reach this landmark we spent together looking for hidden treasures, aka Geocaching, and sharing memories.