When Geese Attack!

Tuesday night is the night I teach religious ed to a group of fourth graders.  The weather has been warm and sunny, so I decided that we would take advantage of the welcoming signs of spring.  We were going to do an activity outside by the pond.  

We set out for our destination; a beautiful gazebo over looking the glassy pond.  We just got settled when we heard a commotion coming toward us!  It was a huge Canadian Goose, and he did not look happy.  I thought he would come to the edge of the water and just stare at us.

No, not his plan!  We were in his space, and he kept marching, yes, marching up to us.  I looked to the other side of the benches and noticed another goose settled onto a nest.  They must have just laid their eggs.  Well- so much for an outside lesson by the pond!  Papa Goose followed us as we scampered back inside. 

We improvised and found a different space to do our lesson.  Happy honking Goose family!

Catching Up on Spring Break

Spring break is finally here!  While many of my friends are off traveling to warm, sunny shores, I am at home catching up….

  • catching up on phone calls
  • catching up on reading with my daughter
  • catching up on cleaning the basement
  • catching up on cleaning the closets
  • catching up on spending time with my husband
  • catching up on reading for pleasure
  • catching up on school work
  • catching up with family
  • catching up on tv shows

I am so grateful for the time I have to catch up on the necessities of life.

Writing Friendships #sol17

Thank you TwoWritingTeachers.org for hosting the Slice of Life Challenge.   This month has been such a wonderful writing experience, full of unexpected surprises!

I learned new ways to write, new structures to try, new types of writing, and new professional resources.

The most important element about this month has been the ongoing support from other writers and the chance to make writing friends from all over the globe!

Today I am hopeful that those I connected with, and many more, will continue to blog about their Slice of Life.  I can’t wait to hear about the babies that about to be born, how retiring teachers say goodbye to their classrooms and start their next chapter, while new teachers anticipate what is yet to come.  I have enjoyed hearing about trips to exotic, and some not so exotic places, classroom management tips, and must see tv shows.

Being on the Welcome Wagon pushed me to write everyday, and being able to respond to new slicers daily taught me new things and I made some great writing friends.  This community of writers strengthened me, and I must say….


PD Day Essentials #sol17

This week I have spent the last three days working with teachers on Readers Workshop PD.  We have been going into classrooms to watch colleagues and having great conversations about how to make Workshop work in our classrooms.

I have decided on three PD essentials:

smelly markers

extra large Post-its

and chocolate!


The week has been busy, but such wonderful learning happens when we work together.  I am so privileged to work with amazing teachers!

Reminders #sol17

Here are five life lessons that I was reminded of today…

  • I need to trust my daughter’s math brain more.
  • Everyone has something difficult they are dealing with.
  • Learning together is way more fun than learning alone.
  • Blessings are all around me.
  • Striving to get better at something everyday, makes me a better person.

What lessons were you reminded of today?

Wishes #sol17


I wish I had a better night’s sleep, but that’s when I think my hardest.

I wish I didn’t have to worry, but that’s were creative solutions evolve.

I wish my dad was still here to advise me, but then he’d still be sick.

I wish my kids college funds were paid for, but then they may not learn responsibility.

I wish my house was always clean, but how would people know we live here.

I can wish a lot of things, but then would I know to be grateful and feel blessed for what I do have?


My Dog #sol2017

Today I want to write about my dog.

She is a mutt, the best kind of dog.

She is cute, those brown eyes are telling.

She is fluffy, her hair clings to your clothes.

She barks to say hello, we’re working on the jumping.

She barks to say let’s play, the hairdryer is her favorite.

She loves us all with all her heart.

…that’s the best thing about our dog.