I’m bored…

This is the time of summer when those two words strike frustration into every parent’s heart.  “I’m bored.”  

Oh what I would give to be bored!  But my youngest seems to utter these words at least 5 times a day.

This is the time of summer I am thinking of what I need to do to get ready for school.  I don’t have time to be bored, although I do find time to procrastinate (however, my husband is better at that than I).

So, how will we get through these fleeting summer days?  We are working on planning something to do each day.  For example, Sunday we went to look for more Geocaches, yesterday we went to the book store, today we went to a King Tut exhibit, tomorrow we will go to a tea room.  After that???  

How do you keep away the end of summer “I’m bored” blues?  


Overcoming a Fear

Last week I had a decision to make; fly over Lake Michigan for 15 minutes, or cross an angry Lake Michigan on the ferry (a 120+ minute voyage) with 8-10 foot waves.   Either choice would be followed by a 5 hour car ride home.   I do not fly well, so this was quite a conundrum.  However, facing a long drive home while nauseous and with a sea sick child did not make the choice difficult.

Off into the wild, blew yonder…. I decided to go for the plane ride!  It was quite an experience- surprisingly smooth, and quick.  The plane was a little 10 seater.  Only 4 passengers on this flight from Beaver Island to Charlevoix, Michigan.  We were in the air before I knew it.  Landing, was a different story…

It was noisy, but the view more than made up for the roar of the engine.  Everything looked amazing.  The white caps raising up from the mighty lake while we flew over confirmed that I made the right choice.  My 10 year old was sweet as could be and tried to hold my hand while she plugged her ears.


Would I do it again?  I think I would!



Island Days

This week I am spending a few days with my sister-in-law and my youngest on Beaver Island, Michigan.  We have had two beautiful days of sand, sun and solitude.  Just a short slice of thankfulness this week!  Oh, if only everyday could be an island day.  

Writing Marathon

Last week I participated in my first writing marathon!  It was amazing!  I am participating in the Meadow Brook Summer Writing Institute, part of the National Writing Project.  Thursday we spent the day as writers; writing, sharing and responding to each others’ pieces.  I was captivated by the work of my peers.  The organizers set the stage for an engaging day of  writing. I was so inspired by the beauty around me.  Spending they with words swimming in my mind and spilling out on paper was simply marvelous!


I think it is a bit ironic that I just finished reading Louise Erdrich’s The Beet Queen as my husband starting tearing out the main bathroom.

While the story takes place across several decades in 1900’s, the part that stuck out to me was beginning of the story, right about the time of the Dust Bowl.  I have also read Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse.   I now have a taste and an appreciation for what these people had to deal with,  d–u–s–t!

Poor Billie Jo who was wiping away the dust from the plates as she set them, poor Mary Adare trying to make a place for herself in a town recovering from the dry, dusty summers.

Every day (in all fairness it has only been 5 days) I dust twice a day, vacuum once, and keep shutting doors in an empty attempt to keep the bedroom safe from the tiny, annoyances. Unlike Mary and Billie Jo, I chose this situation, and mine is much more temporary than theirs.

4th of July!

Today I am glad to be an American!  I am sporting my red, white and blue and remembering all who serve our great nation!


Last summer my husband and I went to Washington D.C.  It was amazing!  So many ways to celebrate our great country.  The people who built America, tributes to our fallen soldiers, artifacts to mark defining moments in our country’s history.   I am proud to be an American!

Happy Birthday America!


Nurse Mom

What does a fat lip, bruised foot, kidney stone and wisdom teeth have in common?  They all are ailments that I nursed my family through this past week.

That’s right, within 5 days my youngest crashed into a friend during a kickball game, my husband missed a step and rolled his ankle on the way to meet my son at urgent care (I can’t make this stuff up!). My son went back to the ER later that night, diagnosed with a kidney stone, and my oldest had all four wisdom teeth pulled yesterday morning.  

I love being a mom, but taking care of all four of them is exhausting!