Nurse Mom

What does a fat lip, bruised foot, kidney stone and wisdom teeth have in common?  They all are ailments that I nursed my family through this past week.

That’s right, within 5 days my youngest crashed into a friend during a kickball game, my husband missed a step and rolled his ankle on the way to meet my son at urgent care (I can’t make this stuff up!). My son went back to the ER later that night, diagnosed with a kidney stone, and my oldest had all four wisdom teeth pulled yesterday morning.  

I love being a mom, but taking care of all four of them is exhausting! 


It is our last week of school.  So much is happening; last minute assessing, class celebrations, school wide special days, and looking forward to sleeping in!

My wish is that teachers will:

Celebrate.  Celebrate how much the students have learned!  Celebrate how much more independent students have become.  Celebrate how much teachers have grown over the school year.

Reflect, really reflect.  I hope teachers will reflect on what went well (and maybe not so well) this year.  Reflect on relationships that they have built with students and families.  Reflect on what they might want to change for next year.

Recharge.  Recharge themselves physically.  Recharge themselves by doing fun stuff. Recharge professionally by reading an educational article, book or even just a Tweet.

#SOL17- Proud Mom

19 years ago today, we welcomed my son, Brendan, into the world!  It is amazing to see just what a compassionate, dedicated, hard working man he is becoming.  Here is an acrostic poem for him:

Bright, blue eyes eager to please.

Ready to defend others feelings.

Enjoys sushi, gaming, and being with family.

Not the neatest bedroom in the house.

Does his best to help whenever he can.

Academics are important and he is working hard in his classes.

Never leaves the house without giving me a hug!

I love my son more than there are moons and stars up in the sky!
Happy Birthday, Brendan



Time, the Best Gift of All

This past Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day.  My husband and children spoiled me!  A yummy breakfast and lunch at home, followed by dinner at a restaurant; a surprise visit from my oldest, and super precious gifts.

But I think the best gift this weekend was from my husband.  He gave up an entire day to drive out to my Mom’s house to work.  We worked, and worked, and worked all around her house.  This is the second Spring since my Dad died, and a lot did not get done last year.  Partly because we didn’t know what he did every year, partly because my Mom wasn’t ready to do anything he would have normally done.

When I asked Joel if we could go out to the lake to help my mom, he didn’t hesitate.  I don’t think either of us realized just how massive of a list she would have waiting.  We did everything from changing a light bulb, to cleaning out the gutters, to raking out the beach front…oh, and the mulch!

A two hour drive out to the lake to work, another two hour drive home!  Our own spring cleaning will happen over the next few weekends.  But, for now, things are caught up at my Mom’s house.  It felt good to be able to help her.  It was even better because the most amazing man I know was there right along with me!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  Thanks for the fantastic Mother’s Day, Hon!img_1476

Garden of Learners #SOL17

This is the time of year teachers love and fear all at the same time!  This is the time of year for teachers to see the fruits of their labor.

Readers are reading and applying the strategies we have taught.

Writers are writing and conveying meaning through their own words.

Mathematicians are calculating and making sense of numbers.

Scientists are formulating theories and finding ways to make sense of their world.

Students are learning about the places where they live; the cities, states and countries around us in Social Studies.

Teachers have planted a garden in each student that entered his or her room.

Teachers have tended to that garden of readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists and Social Studies learners (what do you call them?  Socialists just doesn’t seem right.)

Teachers prune, nurture and watch over that garden of learners all year long.

Now it is time to step back in amazement to see how far all of the students have come.  How much growth they have made, and celebrate!

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!

New Kitchen Workout Plan!

Sunday started like any other Sunday.  I went to pour my husband and I coffee, when a strange smell hit me near the fridge.  A kind of burning oder.  I opened the door to get the creamer, and the smell nearly knocked me down!

It was like something burning, kind of like when a fluorescent light socket goes bad.  One light bulb was out, and the other was super hot and arching.  For fear of a fire, we unplugged it and quickly moved everything to the basement refrigerator.  (Sorry beer and pop….)

So, now for the new kitchen workout plan.  Simply keep your fridge in the basement!  You get quite the stair stepping workout when cooking any meal.  Think you have everything to prep for dinner?  You probably don’t!  Back down the stairs to grab the butter….oops, forgot the shredded cheese.  Oh… now you need milk?  

This could be the next big thing in excercise plans, and you read it here first!

Sadness, Joy and Hope

This is my symbolizm of sadness, joy and hope.

This plot of dirt was once the site of a 25 foot Sugar Maple tree. 

JOY:  My nana gave my husband and I the tree as a housewarming gift.  Who knew that a 4 foot tree would grow into a giant that would have its mighty roots push up against our house.  

SADNESS:  To save the foundation of our house, we had to cut the tree down a few years after my Nana died.  We had to give up the Nana tree. 

JOY:  This weekend we dug, and dug, and dug the remaining roots out of the ground and found an old sprinkler line that the roots choked off (that’s not the joy yet).  We also found where my Dad rerouted the line.  His handy work lies beneath the lawn.  The joy is memories of him healthy and getting dirty doing home repairs.

SADNESS:  My dad passed away two winters ago. 

HOPE:  This plot of dirt will soon be a new garden.  A garden full of promise.  A place where I can tend the plants and talk to my Dad and my Nana.  A hopeful sign that life goes on.