#SOLSC18 March 14th, 2018

A Week of Poems Day 4

Feeling Older

I wasn’t feeling older until I heard someone say,

You graduated in the 1900’s, not yesterday.


I walked past a mirror, could that really be?

Silver shimmers and tiny wrinkles on me?


I’m feeling a bit old today, but my husband says with a smile,

“Those age marks are the medallions we earned mile after mile.


Degrees earned, children born, saying goodbye to loved ones dear,

Those are marks for all the trials and joys throughout the years.”


And so I say to my younger self, without these you wouldn’t be you.

Wear those marks with pride for they represent things you never knew.


#SOLSC18 March 11th, 2018

A Week of Poems Day 1

(This week I am challenging myself to write a poem a day- wish me luck!


I Am


I am from a prom night, passion that blossomed into love.

I am from hard workers, a police office and homemaker.

I am from a family that put each other first.


I am forming my own family, one that puts each other first.

I am forming loving memories for my children to carry on.

I am forming the next generation of thinkers who will change the world.


#SOLSC18 March 10th, 2018

Going Bald for Cancer

Today I had the privilege of watching my friend shave his head to do his part to help fight the war on childhood cancer.  He, along with many, many others, gave up his locks to stand up to cancer.

What an amazing event!  So many people gathered to cheer one another on.  Cancer leaves us feeling helpless as we watch it suck the life out of those we love.  Today, he is doing something about it.

Thanks Billy!

#SOLSC18 March 9th, 2018


Today I am a bit stuck.  So I am going to write about what is going on at the end of the school day.

I see students packing up their belongings.  Chairs neatly stacked.  Two students scouring the floor for pencils.

I hear children chatter.  Conversations  about this weekend’s happenings swirl throughout the room.

I smell the lingering odor of bleach wipes.  The teacher’s last chance to rid the room of pink eye or maybe a stomach bug.

I feel the cool wind breeze by me as someone opens the door.

I taste, nope not gonna taste anything from school today.

Happy Friday!