Caught in the Act… March 3rd: SOL2017

Holy Catnip Batman!  A few weeks ago I thought I’d get catnip for the cats.  They have had catnip in toys, and they seem to enjoy it.  They act kinda goofy and mellow.  Instead of purchasing a catnip toy, I found a bag of catnip for a fraction of the cost.  The bag said to put their toys in a ziplock with the catnip- great way to re-purpose their toys.

I left the factory sealed bag on the counter.  This is what we came home to…

a catnip CATastrophe!   #sol17welcome-wagon-volunteer-with-border


4 thoughts on “Caught in the Act… March 3rd: SOL2017

  1. Having three cats I so understand. We used to keep some catnip under the sink until the cats learned how to open the cupboard door and get it out for themselves. Thanks for the chuckle.


  2. Haha! Your post gave me nice laugh on a Friday. The cats look so…stunned. We tried bags of catnip too, and had much the same reaction. We had to hide it on top of the fridge where they could not reach it, just sit on the floor and look up with slightly glassy longing in their eyes.


  3. I’ve got spray for the scratching post — my cat has not figured out to operate it yet but has mastered cabinet doors and is trying a paw at using a keyboard whenever I forget to close the laptop


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