#SOLSC18 March 22nd, 2018



Last fall I learned a little something about myself.  And a little bit about how our students may feel when they are in our classrooms.

I attended an art festival with family members that have had more experience with art.  They can spend what seems like forever staring at a piece, thoughtfully considering the deep meaning the artist must have been expressing.  At first I felt I needed to do what they were doing.  I followed along, staring, trying to look thoughtful.  But I just didn’t get it.  What was I missing?  Was I not as intellectual as they were?

We moved away from one piece to another.  The same thing… I was feeling less and less secure about myself.  Finally, I started asking them questions. How does this piece move you?  What does it mean?  How can you be sure?

While their explanations of the “serious” art didn’t always resonate with me, I was beginning to get a better understanding of things I could look for to make connections with the art or artist.

On the way home I thought again about how insecure I felt, and wondered if our students may feel the same way within our walls.  How many look to others they think understand and mimic them?  How many are afraid to ask for clarification?

Oh yeah, the art pictured above I get!  (or at least I think I get it) The piece is titled Changing Oceans by Justin La Doux.

2 thoughts on “ #SOLSC18 March 22nd, 2018

  1. Yes! I try to remember to put myself in these vaguely odd positions from time to time – to feel what it means to really be a learner. I still vividly remember in grad school when my methodology teacher started the class by having a man come in to teach us Vietnamese – in Vietnamese. Powerful stuff, this memory of discomfort. Thanks for remind me of it again.

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  2. I love how you make the connection between not being an insider and the way students must feel. We should all be able to relate better to our students about their insecurities. Who hasn’t experienced that? The piece Changing Oceans is outstanding. I found some other images of it online. My husband has made me feel better by saying, you can know what you like. I really like LaDoux’s work. Thanks.

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