Day 10: A Voice

After a day of reflecting on my PD with teachers yesterday, I decided that teachers want a voice.  They want a voice to tell what they know, tell their frustrations, tell their concerns, but most importantly-to share their successes.

A voice to share successes is what lifted my group of teachers.  I gave them the opportunity to share what was going well in their classrooms as well as student samples.  The teachers that shared beamed with pride as they explained what they were doing in their classrooms as they proudly projected their student work samples.

I need to make this a consistent part of my professional development days!


5 thoughts on “Day 10: A Voice

  1. I agree. There is a lot to learn from each other and often we’re not given the time to share. Collaboration is so important in so many ways. Not only will help a teacher try new things and become confident, it really creates a team atmosphere. I know at our school there is a lot of talk about collaboration, but no time is given. It’s hard and can be disappointing.

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  2. Yes! I agree. I’m so glad you had such a positive experience. And you are so right; we all have an innate desire to express ourselves and some control. Have you read “10 Things Writers Need” by Jeff Anderson? He has a beautiful quote about expression in the first chapter. I’ll find it today and post it. Have a wonderful day!

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  3. Love this! I think this is so important – it puts joy into our days, positive energy. It gives us ownership as we share with others and gather new ideas to try. You are right – it increases confidence and self-esteem. We need to know we are on the right track and that we are truly appreciated. What better way to do this than a “show and tell” for teachers!


  4. Teachers definitely want to talk when they are together. Giving them the opportunity to share and talk about positives is always better than allowing it to turn into a b!@&% session.

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  5. I agree! Allowing teachers to have a voice helps them better believe in themselves and the wonderful things they have done and can do. Kudos to you for allowing that to happen!


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