Day 9: Creative Teaching

Here I am in the middle of a PD day with a talented, dedicated, seasoned group of teachers.  And I am sad.  Sad because of how they feel about where we are in education.  So many of these amazing teachers are struggling to bring creativity back to their classrooms.  With new curricular resources, teacher evaluations, mandated testing, teaching to the script, etc, etc; classroom teachers are figuring out how to stay afloat.

As a literacy coach, I truly believe in the direction our district is moving.  I can see how the hard work will pay off.  But how can I convince the teachers that this is worth it?    What can I do to build them back up?  To believe in themselves while embracing change?  How can we add “fun” back into the school day while making sure every instructional moment in the school day is tied to a learning  target, goal, rubric or scale?  Those questions will roll around in my mind as I strive to find an answer.


6 thoughts on “Day 9: Creative Teaching

  1. As far as my thinking takes me, the best way for people to be on board with the direction things are going is to have them be part of decision making process, so they are vested in the movement. In regards to the fun, sometimes I think it has been so long since we felt we could have fun in the classroom, that we don’t think we will ever be able to have fun again.

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  2. I agree with what Joel said – teachers need to feel that they are part of the decision making process. The other thing that rang true was when you said you want to find a way to help teachers “…believe in themselves while embracing change?” When there is so much change, teachers feel that what they are doing isn’t good enough, and they stop believing in themselves. Thank you for what you do to keep teachers confident.

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  3. I have noticed that teachers have a way to come out of tough situations with creative ideas. They will find a way to bring the fun back. You’ll help them too.

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  4. Oh my gosh! I wish I could scream this from the rafters! I feel the same way all of the time. There is value in the work and being sensitive to the state of education and the impact that has on both teachers and students.

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  5. You’re asking important questions and it’s evident that you care about the teachers. I don’t have the answers, but I that you can find a way to help the teachers bring themselves and their creativity back to the classroom. I do know that a teacher’s well-being is critical.

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  6. I hear this. Our school is also going through some growing pains as we change direction, and it’s been a bit of a struggle in some ways. We have had invitations for people to be involved. Some would just rather complain, and I find it frustrating, even when I understand why they might want to complain. We all want to sometimes. I guess, like you, I feel it’s hard when you agree with the direction and others aren’t happy.

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