My Own Bermuda Triangle

March 2nd, 2017

The “Bermuda Triangle” exists in my new car!

On Monday I loaded up the car.  You know us crazy teachers with our bags full of things we will need for the upcoming week. My youngest loaded her backpack on top of my bags.  I hopped into the car, switched into my sunglasses- putting my regular glasses in a cup holder in the center counsel.

We headed off to school.  I made a left (probably a little faster than I should have) all the bags slammed forward and my glasses went flying.  No worries, I’d just grab them when we got to school.

When I went to look for them….they …were…gone!  No where to be found.  My heart was starting to race- what will I do?  Wear dark sunglasses all day and not be able to read a thing?  My sunglasses aren’t progressive lenses.

My daughter and I looked everywhere in the car. I frantically dumped all the bags, still no glasses.  After I signed her in to SACC, I drove home, found an old pair of glasses and went about my day.

I searched every bag at least three times, looked everywhere in the car- my husband searched the car.  Still no glasses.  My new Escape has its own Bermuda Triangle!


5 thoughts on “My Own Bermuda Triangle

  1. I feel like, just like that one pen you lose in your car, you’ll find it as soon as you turn in your car to buy another one! It’s exactly what happened to me! Hope you find them sooner!


  2. I’m sorry for your loss. I know how frustrating losing your glasses can be. But, your story made me laugh and I love your sense of humor about the incident and relating it to the Bermuda Triangle. I hope they turn up.

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