When Geese Attack!

Tuesday night is the night I teach religious ed to a group of fourth graders.  The weather has been warm and sunny, so I decided that we would take advantage of the welcoming signs of spring.  We were going to do an activity outside by the pond.  

We set out for our destination; a beautiful gazebo over looking the glassy pond.  We just got settled when we heard a commotion coming toward us!  It was a huge Canadian Goose, and he did not look happy.  I thought he would come to the edge of the water and just stare at us.

No, not his plan!  We were in his space, and he kept marching, yes, marching up to us.  I looked to the other side of the benches and noticed another goose settled onto a nest.  They must have just laid their eggs.  Well- so much for an outside lesson by the pond!  Papa Goose followed us as we scampered back inside. 

We improvised and found a different space to do our lesson.  Happy honking Goose family!


5 thoughts on “When Geese Attack!

  1. I love that you are taking advantage of the beautiful weather…and you weren’t the only one! Geese can be terrifying and mean….that was a religious ed lesson your 4th graders will never forget! Great Slice!


  2. I could picture this whole scene, including Mr. Scary Goose! Perhaps a lesson there you could work in with your students? Even the most well-crafted plans may not be predictive for the way things play out! Thanks for sharing this slice 🙂


  3. Geese have a way of getting our attention, don’t they? It’s wonderful to be outside, but sometimes nature has different plans than we do. Thanks for a slice that’s so easy to envision–nice!

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