Day 18: March 18, 2020

A New Curriculum

As we navigate this new territory of remote/ homeschool learning, we adults must figure it out first. Yesterday I was part of a video chat/ meeting to discuss what we can do for students and families over the next few weeks… or months?

There is so much more to learning than going to a website. From the chatter on FB, it seems like parents are finally understanding how much we do in a day. Yes parents, we have 28+ students in one room for 7 hours a day. And you’re having trouble keeping three focused at the kitchen table for more than 45 minutes? I realize that there are families who homeschool, and do it well- yet most families send their children to school,

So how can we support families? My district has decided that our goal is to sustain learning, not expect parents to teach new content. If we were to expect parents to do that, our gap will only widen. Will some parents teach the students new content- some will. However, the reality is that many don’t have the resources, patience or desire to focus on “school” right now.

This is a time when real-world learning can thrive. We can teach our children that kindness matters. That putting others first matters. That our family matters. So while our district has suggested activities, we understand the reality and uncertainty of the moment.

4 thoughts on “Day 18: March 18, 2020

  1. I agree that the focus shouldn’t be on new content at the moment, especially since parents don’t often have access to the resources we have at hand at school (lab materials, tons o’ books, etc). A good chunk of our district is Title I, so I’m curious as to how our district plans on delivering instruction to families who don’t necessarily have digital access.

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  2. 100 % agreement here. I just learned that Oregon has closed schools until the end of April. Oh, the issues of equity and access. Can we finally talk—and do something— about that?

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  3. I’m interested to see what our district rolls out tomorrow. We have been in the dark. While. Agree new content isn’t a good idea probably, I hope we will create interesting content that capitalizes on the medium and the location.

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