Day 19- March 19, 2020

Welcome Spring!

I am a planner addict. About four years ago I found the brand I use, and I love how much more organized I am and how fun it is (was🙁) to creatively decorate my crazy weeks.

I tried to go digital, but that not for me. When I took my new position as instructional coach, I found that I was double or triple booking myself! I had to find a paper planner that would work for me. I need to see the month at a glance as well was each week with an hourly layout. After much research, I found one that works for me!

The brand I use has seasonal Surprise boxes- who doesn’t like surprises? Today, the Spring Surprise Box arrived! I haven’t opened it yet… not sure what I am waiting for. I like the idea that something new is here, once I open it that feeling will be gone.

I love planner accessories, notice the planner bag? That’s new too! Will there be new stickers? Spring stickers would be fun.

Pens? I love the dual tip pens, maybe they have new colors.

A journal?….I could use a new journal.

I think I am just going to let it sit out on the coffee table and open it after dinner. Maybe….


4 thoughts on “Day 19- March 19, 2020

  1. I love surprises – and this is the second post I’ve read today about the joy of receiving packages. I think I might need to create and send a few. Also, a planner package sounds pretty amazing – dare I ask what kind of planner you use?

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  2. I’m interested in the type of planner, too. Maybe you could give us an update? (There is nothing like anticipation. Whenever you open that box, I hope it’s filled with the stuff of dreams!

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