Day 3: Get it Done

Homework.  At our house it seems like we all had homework last night.  My third grade daughter had math, spelling, and reading.  My husband was grading papers, my oldest was working on an essay for her college English class.  And I was preparing my presentation for a professional development day for a team of teachers.

While we all had different tasks, we were all similar in our goal- get it done.  My youngest’s “get it done” is how much do I have to do?  My oldest’s “get it done” is does this essay convey my voice in this personal narrative?  My husband’s”get it done” is after this stack of papers are graded, I’ll have another class to grade, so it is never really done.  And my “get it done” is I hope the teachers find this useful and relevant.

My plan is to structure the morning similar to a reading and writing workshop.  My goal is to have teachers experience a literacy block using the reading and writing model, but with educationally relevant content.  (I don’t want to treat them like 5th graders) I plan on using Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer as my mentor text.  Wrote my mini lessons, changed my mini lessons.  Developed tasks, changed the tasks, will it work?  I’m not sure, but I’m ready to “get it done.”


3 thoughts on “Day 3: Get it Done

  1. Sounds like an interesting plan for your staff development. By structuring the time like a reading/writing workshop, the teachers will see how they can “get it done!” Sounds to me like you ARE ready.


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