Laundry Room or Coat Store? #sol17

My laundry room looks like a coat store.  This winter has had quite the assortment of weather.  One day close to seventy degrees, two days later, thirteen degrees.  I have winter coats, fall jackets, sweat jackets, a puffy coat, raincoat, snow boots, sneakers, shoes, work boots, strewn all about.

Gloves?  Scarves? or just a light jacket?  One day we wake up and leave the house when it is fifty, only to come home to a chilly twenty two.  No one knows if spring is really on its way because we had 20 days over fifty degrees in February (in Michigan none the less).

The poor plants, trees and animals don’t know what to do!  Neither do we.



4 thoughts on “Laundry Room or Coat Store? #sol17

  1. A great post! I could connect – I have no idea what kind of outside clothes I need – I’m even keeping gloves and snow boots handy. It certainly has been the same here in Pennsylvania, although now it seems we are in for a colder March. My poor daffodils will be finished after the snow here today and again on Tuesday. The forsythia has started to bloom. What about our fruit trees! Such strange weather!


  2. We are all having such an odd winter/spring. Just today we noticed that our trees are all budding and we know that there is still plenty of snow to come. Don’t put those coats away yet.

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