March 30th, SOLSC ‘19

Dress Shopping

Here we go…. Trying to find a dress for my not so dressy girl for her last elementary Daddy Daughter Dance.

I can feel the dread in her footsteps, I can feel the panic in my chest. She has been acting all full blown “tween.” No more good night kisses, no more singing her awake. No more “Here, wear this one” and she would slip into it without a fuss. My little girl is blossoming into her own self.

Into the first store, out of the first store.

Into the second store, out of the second store.

Nothing catches her eye. She doesn’t know what she wants, I don’t know how to help. This is one of those days when it would be great if Grandma was here. If she was still with us, she would be shopping with us. She would find the perfect dress, matching shoes, and a purse of course. Every outfit has to have a matching purse.

Maybe that is why this is so hard today. Maybe we just both quietly miss Grandma.

5 thoughts on “March 30th, SOLSC ‘19

  1. This might be my favorite post of the Challenge…not that I’ve read nearly enough of them yet, but when it’s gold, I know. I love the character-creating line: “Every outfit has to have a matching purse.” 👜 💜

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